YogaNatal is a friendly Nottinghamshire based yoga company, teaching yoga classes to everyone, not just pregnancy, all fitness levels and ages welcome. The yoga classes are run by Ann Williams a registered RYT200 Teacher with  Yoga Alliance UK and a Birthlight Teacher. Class sizes are small.

The classes are friendly, unpretentious, practical and you can choose what you want to get out of them. Some people attend the classes to relieve stress, others to tone their body, build core strength, flexibility or to relax.  

Ann has trained at the Bahia Yoga School and Birthlight organisation, she has over 20 years yoga experience. Previously to being a Yoga Teacher Ann ran her own research company. A few years ago Ann reviewed her lifestyle and decided to work towards a better balance in her life. Ann is now running yoga classes through out Nottinghamshire.

"I ran my own company whilst trying to look after my two young children and was suffering from chronic endometriosis, I was very stressed and my body was suffering. I turned to yoga to help me cope with every day pressures. Since then I have trained with a number of schools and teachers to develop my yoga practice. I believe the tools I have learnt through my yoga training and through my own personal experiences enable me to guide people through their life journeys, helping them to cope with stress, anxiety, depression and to improve their sporting performance." 

Ann works in close conjunction with health professionals as well as with yoga experts to get the best possible outcomes for her class attendees. A number of people attend Ann's yoga classes to help improve their sporting performance. In particular men are welcome.

Private classes can also be organised, for one to one, a business as a employee benefit e.g. in lunch time or small group tuition. 

Ann is expanding her holistic approach to help people balance their busy lives. She now is offering Ayurvedic massage therapy treatments which fit in within the yoga lifestyle. Ayurveda is an ancient practice working on balancing the bodies dosha (vata, pitta, kapha). For further information about this practice go to our Ayurvedic page and visit the treatment list for an explanation of what they are, costs and duration of these holistic practices.

Combining yoga and Ayurvedic massage therapies is a great approach to balancing the mind and the body and brining us back into sink in this busy, hectic world we live in.